Where & How to Advertise?

Most students use online sources, not letting agents to find their student accommodation.


 A recent survey found that 58% of students searching for accommodation use on line resources such as Facebook etc, or dedicated student websites, or the accommodation office, rather than the more traditional route of a high street letting agent.

Students are also willing to pay £43 more per month than three years ago, with most students now paying over £100 per week. The study also reveals that 67 per cent now have rent inclusive of utility bills.

Important factors they consider are a double bed, and en-suite facilities rather than a shared bathroom. An extremely high percentage insist on a reliable broadband connection, with a provider of their choice and the ability to switch.

Key-Data Gold enables you to automatically upload your properties to a number of portals and property advertisers, simply any site that can provide you with their upload details.

Key-Data Gold also has some important modules for dealing with HMO/student lets, such as when variable rent processing is needed, in line with term time, as opposed to PCM or weekly.

There is also great flexibility in payment to the landlord where the landlord has several properties, ie whether let room by room individually to each student, or as a whole house under one shared tenancy agreement, and to pay either room by room, or the entire house, and separate statements per property, or per separate statements per room.

Flexibility is the key with our letting and management software system.