The advantages of having Key-Data Gold as your Property Management System

The advantages of having Key-Data Gold as your Property Management System

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Efficient property management software will be the difference between the success or failure of a letting agents business. When you have more than a handful of properties to manage, you want to make sure that problems are kept to a bare minimum. Property management software lets you handle everything from major tasks like rent collection and landlord & contractor payments and property maintenance, through to the nuts and bolts of allocating tasks to individual negotiators and sending safety reminders. Key-Data Gold is a Property Management Software that gives you benefits like no other system does.

Here are the top 5 benefits of using the Key-Data Gold Property Management Software System.

1.    Real–time access to information - Time is money in your profession. With cloud-based property management software, you can access all vital information related to your business in real-time. All information is at your finger tips and you are location independent. Accessibility and better management for your business. Thanks to the 'Key-anywhere' functionality of Key-data systems, you can access your key-data product from anywhere in the world. Your ‘key-data’ product is hosted on a fast, secure and remote Microsoft server which you can access from anywhere.

2.    Saves Time - How much time will you spend on creating reminder emails? Do you really have time to create reports and documents? An advanced PMS automates all complex tasks and processes like audit trails, revenue documentation and generates safety reminders which would otherwise require copious amounts of your time. This ensures that you can devote your time to the core functions of your business.  Using Key-Data Gold, there is a one click solution to all your reporting and other forms of communication. There is no need to type anything from scratch as letters are generated automatically from preset templates. You can also manually edit these communication templates, or at the time of generation on an individual basis. The same can be done for rent letters, emails and SMS’s. Image the amount of time that you can save due to this functionality!

3.    Robust Security –Key-Data Gold ensures that all your important and confidential data is secure by keeping up-to-date with the latest security practices and on-line encryption features.

4.     Scalability – The size of your property portfolio need not be a deterrent as Key-Data Gold is more than capable of allowing for unlimited further expansion. Key-Data Systems have a number of clients that started with a single user, single branch licence and can now boast multiple offices with a great many employees. Key-Data Gold is a Property Management System that can easily grow with your changing needs and requirements.

5.      Saves Money – Property Management Systems save money. They do this because they are able to perform multiple tasks at the same time. One example of this is a simple rent collection in Key-Data Gold. This simple routine additionally performs a number of advanced accounting functions: The rent is collected, the landlord commission invoice is generated, the VAT element, if appropriate is accounted for, and the landlord is passed their money (this can even be automated using our Internet banking feature too!). Key-Data Gold allows your agency to easily comply with ARLA, RICS & NAEA guidelines.


If you haven’t invested in a Property Management System (PMS), invest in one today. You won’t regret it.

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