Company Structure: Key-Data Systems are a completely independent, Private Limited Company who specialise in the supply and development of Key-Data Gold, a leading UK property letting and management system. Trading as a partnership from 1997, the company became incorporated in 2008. Growth of the company has always been steady, sustainable and organic.
Independence: The old adage 'Do not employ a poacher as your game-keeper' is as true today as it always has been. The fact that Key-Data Systems remain 100% independent is growing in importance every year. We do not work under any franchise agencies (although we do have clients that are part of franchises that prefer to use our system over the nominated franchise letting & management product), we work with, but are not controlled by, all property advertising portals. We are not owned by or controlled by any holding company or large insurance company. Our clients' data remains secure and we do not pass on any information to third-parties without their knowledge. This gives our clients the assurance that we are at all times working 100% on their behalf to deliver a superior letting agent software system that meets both their immediate needs and their future requirements.
Power, Flexibility & Reliability: Key-Data Gold is fully online: Not just the database and web-browser based front-end, but all aspects of your business and related documents. This means that every aspect of your business is accessible from anywhere in real time. Additionally all this information is automatically backed up as you use the system with no additional costs. All documentation generated by the system is fully customisable, all legal documentation is backed-up by the lettings legislation specialists 'Training for Professionals': steady, sustainable and organic.
Your Strength Through Our Independence: Can the company that currently supplies your property management system say all this? If not then why not contact Key-Data Systems today to find out what you are missing out on?

Highly Cost Effective

Do not waste time and money with inefficient, costly systems. Key-Data Gold is highly cost-effective and so much more than pays for itself with ease!


Will help you no matter how small or large your portfolio or company is

Key-Data Systems are experts in helping companies grow where this is desired, or just manage what they already have more effectively.

Whether you have 10, or 10, 000 properties in your portfolio Key-Data Gold is the solution to improved property management.

Simplifies complex accounting like LHA and Student Let management

Key-Data Gold handles all your book-keeping and accounting automatically as you use the system! Complex accounting is simplified and assistance is always available FAST


Allows you to fully automate and integrate operations to improve your efficiency

Key-Data Gold will streamline your day to day property management operations, bringing all aspects of your business into one place

Cloud based or office based, you decide

Our cloud-based option is highly popular these days allowing you to work on any-device from anywhere with no backup worries or updates to run. However, if you prefer being office based then no problem, Key-Data Systems can offer either option.


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