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Key-Data Systems pride ourselves both on our products and on our customer support. Are we right to do so?... You can decide for yourself... the following are genuine unprompted comments from some Key-Data clients:


-:'Hi Key-Data. This is a delayed thank you to Key-Data for creating the HMRC format report for all rents collected. The last time we were required to supply this information it took me weeks, this time it was all done at the click of a button. Thank you very much!'.


-:'This system is an absolute revelation!, it is just incredible, when I first started in the property lettings and management business 7 years ago I only had about 10 properties which I chose to manage as a favour but really never wanted to increase the number as I knew the time that it would take up to manage any more properly.... and I just didn't have that time. Also with just 10 properties it wasn't worthwhile investing in software, so everything was done on various spreadsheets and took ages. Having Key-Data is like having two extra members of staff'.


-:We have been in the lettings business for many, many years and we can honestly state that Key-Data Gold is the best software that we have ever used. We have used most of the other systems on the market in the past, but Key-Data Gold is invaluable for independent agents. The customer support team actively listen to us and the development team act on our suggestions. We are very, very pleased.


-:Key-Data Gold is the best and most user friendly property management software that we have ever used. The support is wonderful and it is second to none. Your staff know exactly what I need and are so incredibly patient. I’ve used other software products before but yours is the only one that I’ve found that allows me to work as I want to.

-:We find the Key-Data Gold property management system incredibly easy to use, and so much better than any of the software systems that we used previously.

-: We recently completed our first rent run using Key-Data Gold and we are absolutely delighted at how quick and easy it was….So much better and faster than the software system that we were using before. In addition, we marvel at how easy it is to change documents to our own wording.. This makes it so flexible, we are really happy that we have found Key-Data Systems.

-: I just have to say this…Key Data Gold is absolutely fantastic, I received all my rents in and paid all my landlords this morning for the first time using your system and it took minutes, when my old system took literally hours! I love it…it just saves me so much time, thank you.

-: Our accountant was very impressed with you and your support, and asked me if they were always like that, and my reply was 'yes, always with me anyway'... She then said that her experience in the past with her other customers who use different property management products, is that the support to her is not just unhelpful but even obstructive. She was not only impressed with the support offered to Premier’s staff during our support conversations, but also the offer to support her as well, if she should need help accessing Premier’s copy of Key Data Gold and getting reports off. She's never had that before.

-: We are very impressed with the Key Data Gold system. It is so much better than all the software products that we have used in the past, and the customer support is wonderful.

-: Dear Key-Data Team. Just a quick note to say thank you for the developments that you have made to Key-Data Gold over the last few weeks for us. It has been very exciting and encouraging that you can respond so quickly to our requirements, and we feel that the system is really starting to work for our business and makes our life a lot easier.

-:I just do not know how I managed without Key Data Gold. My revenue has increased by 10 percent, as before we started using your system it was easy to miss administration fees and checking out fees.

-: We are going great guns…We are now taking on 200 new properties and just at the point of turning off the paper system. Key-Data Gold is a Godsend.

-: With all of the hundreds of things that we have to do every day, your system is essential… Key-Data Gold is like a washing machine, you take it for granted while its quietly running and you don’t realise just how much you rely on it!

-: Key Data Gold is wonderful… The training from your support staff is superb and their instructions are always crystal clear We find that the DSS module is superb and we don’t know how we managed before without it…

-: Key-Data Gold has saved me hours as I no longer have to go through the masses of files going back seven years that letting agents are obliged to keep.

-: Key Data Gold is so quick and easy to use. I love it! Your support staff are always on hand when I need them.

-: We just couldn't operate our business without Key-Data Gold... Your product is great and the customer support is very fast and efficient!

-: Your system is foolproof!

-: We are thrilled with the ease and power that your accounting mechanisms provide us with.

-: Since we have installed Key-Data Gold, I can’t believe how fast I can get to my information! It is incredibly easy to use and ensures that all my information is instantly available, no more searching through filing cabinets and folders!

-: Thank you so much for all your patience and help

-:The customer support at Key-Data Systems is brilliant and so helpful.

-: The ability for us to view our office diary from any branch and manage our viewings is a very powerful feature….It is brilliant many thanks.

-Key-Data Systems support staff are so thorough and they frequently call to offer help and support…thank you

-: Key-Data Gold is worth its weight in Gold and your support is fantastic too. I have used Key-data for a few years now and it is continually developing to meet the needs of the private rental sector. it is nice to know there is support when you need it and they are receptive to ideas to improve the software: My review is genuine and i'm not on commission honest!!


-: Our accountant says that the Key-Data Gold system is programmed to cut our working day in half!

-: Your development team are superstars. Thank you so much for listening and responding so quickly to our requirements!

-: Key-Data Gold is absolutely superb..We just can not fault the system and have loved it since we first installed. I couldn’t run my business without it…

-: We really do not know what we would do without Key-Data Gold…we’d be lost!

-: Your support is incredibly good and your staff are so helpful it’s untrue! We are more and more impressed every time we use Key Data Gold.

-: We do not know how we managed without Key-Data Gold. Your system is brilliant… so is the support, your staff are very patient.

-: Key-Data Gold presents a very clear picture for landlords and is very easy to use.

-: We are absolutely delighted with our Key-Data Gold system. This is not only due to the product itself, but also to the continued high level of support and training that we receive.

-: How nice to be supported by people who speak the same lettings language as we do!

-:Key-Data Gold's automatic uploading to my website and the property portals is amazing, it’s really clever, wonderful! This feature alone is saving me hours.”

-:Although I have doubled the amount of property that I manage in the last year, I now have more time than ever, thanks to ‘Key-Data Gold.. I am making more money, yet working less..amazing!”

-:I found my way around Key Data Gold quickly and easily. It saves me masses of time as I can produce tenant invoices and generate communications within seconds.”

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'This system is an absolute revelation!... it is just incredible.... Having Key-Data Gold is like having two extra members of staff'.


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