Key-Data Systems: Client Supplier Policy


For many years Key-Data Systems have been happy to offer third -party companies working on-behalf of our clients free, unlimited support in a number if areas. However, due to a number of factors and our wish not to have to increase our costs to our clients, this has now proved to be an unsustainable policy.

Whilst Key-Data Systems will continue to offer basic free advice and assistance to third-party companies where viable, in cases where a higher-level of support and assistance is necessary then we can offer third-party companies two alternatives:

a) Support and assistance can be delivered on a 'per issue' basis. The cost for each issue will be quoted by Key-Data Systems before the onset of work and will be based on the estimated time to resolution. single issue support starts at 250.00 plus VAT.

b) Your company can join the Key-Data list of preferred suppliers where assistance with an unlimited number of issues will be supplied to your company directly from Key-Data staff. In addition to this increased level of support, your company details and areas of specialism will be available and advertised to the Key-Data Systems client base on a regular basis, providing your company with both an effective support and advertising package. This popular option costs just 50.00 PCM plus VAT