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  Okay, so I'm actually at my usual desk in Great Britain - but there's no reason why I couldn't be writing this blog from a sunny beach somewhere near the Mediterranean. And that's why Key-Data Gold should be on your To-Do list before you start packing your suitcases.


What do I mean? Well, Key-Data Gold allows you to stay in control of your Property Management Business, as well as your staff on the go. You could be at home, you could be in the garden, or - yes! - you could be on holiday. That's right: instead of wondering how your company is managing while you're on annual leave, you can use Key-Data while relaxing in the sun to make sure that your organisation remains in ship-shape.


No chance of staff running amok; not with Key-Data allowing you to keep one eye on the workplace. But wait, isn't that going to bring the stresses of work to your holiday? Not at all. Key-Data Gold is a streamlined and simplified property management system, so you're not exactly wading through piles of paperwork. No, Key-Data Gold is a tool to provide assistance and for maintaining what is already going to be a strong workplace that you're operating.


Best of all, it operates online, so you won't have to leave your swimming trunks behind in order to bring Key-Data with you. The software is accessible via your laptop, via your smartphone, via your iPad - anything which gets you on the Internet will get you logged in.


Thanks to Key-Data Gold, you will have more time to relax on your holidays, knowing that when it comes to your Lettings Business, you won't have missed a beat. So, invest in Key-Data Gold before you start packing, and your holiday will become even more stress-free, as your workplace will operate just fine in your absence.


Want to know more? Give us a ring on 01407 811155 to discuss our excellent products and support mechanisms, it will be time well invested.


Our time from new order through to the new client being able to start to automate the management of their portfolio is around 3 hours. What are you waiting for?

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Let Key-Data Systems Take The Weight of Your Property Management.

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    Key-Data Gold has been developed using modern, reliable and highly efficient technology. This ensures that our clients work to their optimum at all times.


    Key-Data Systems are a UK based company with UK employees but with clients everywhere!


    Unlike many other providers Key-Data Systems do not believe that you should pay twice, so Training & Support is included in our low monthly cost.


    Key-Data support staff come from a background in the lettings industry so they fully understand your needs!


    The extreme power and flexibility of Key-Data Gold is hidden behind an easy to use and intuitive user-interface.


    Key-Data Gold was released seventeen years ago and our client base has grown steadily since then. Choosing Key-Data Systems as your system provider guarantees that your company is in safe hands.

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'This system is an absolute revelation!... it is just incredible.... Having Key-Data Gold is like having two extra members of staff'.


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