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The Residential Lettings and Management System

Put us to the test, do not rely on the clever, pre-configured product demonstrations (otherwise known as sales pitches) that our competitors employ. Take Key-Data Gold and our full support and training package at no cost and no commitment for two weeks then decide! (subject to status). Contact us now to discuss your requirements and see how little Key-Data Gold will cost financially, but how much it will bring your agency! Contact Us


Good Business Sense
When all the advantages that Key-Data Gold will bring to your agency are considered and weighed against how much the system costs in real terms, we feel sure you will agree that it is a very sensible business investment indeed. The time and money that you will save through employing Key-Data Gold's advanced accounting, communicating, scheduling and reminder routines will ensure that our system pays for itself many times over! In turn, your increased efficiency will allow you to manage more properties with less effort, thereby increasing your profit even further!


No Limits
Unlike many of our competitors, Key-Data Systems DO NOT limit you to the number of properties that may be registered and managed on our system (with the exception of our reduced cost start-up package). This means that whether you manage fifty properties or five hundred properties our pricing structure remains the same... We are here to help you grow, not stifle your growth!


Easy Budgeting
As our costs cover all of your current and future training requirements, and all future product updates, and of course our unique complete support package, you can safely budget for the future, secure in the knowledge that all your software costs are a known entity. Additionally, as our prices have not altered since their original inception fifteen years ago, this means of course that our clients just keep receiving better value in real terms. How have we maintained such price stability, yet continued to grow year on year? .....Through steady and continued growth of a very satisfied client base, this is the secret to our success and it could be the secret to yours!


All prices quoted exclude VAT at the standard rate

You could be working smarter within hours....
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Training & Set-up
Our software systems are incredibly intuitive and easy to use and offer full context sensitive Windows help files/set-up manuals. Additionally, our support staff are very experienced in taking agents through the necessary set-up steps via web-chat, email and telephone....We do not need to come to your premises and waste your valuable time with expensive 'training courses', you will be up and running within hours!


What are the next steps???....
Contact Us now to discuss your exact requirements, obtain a firm quotation or place your order....We look forward to hearing from you.


KEY-DATA SYSTEMS: Excellent products, superb support and unbeatable product development...what else are you looking for? Contact us NOW....

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Client Testimonial

'This system is an absolute revelation!... it is just incredible.... Having Key-Data Gold is like having two extra members of staff'.


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