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Congratulations, you are looking to become your own boss within the exciting world of the residential property management industry. From the word 'GO' you will need Key-Data Gold, the market leading property lettings and management and accounting software solution and industry training and legal guidance. Key-Data Systems bring all this together for you!


Congratulations! You have decided to take the initiative to embark on what can be a lucrative career within the residential property management industry. However, property management can soon become a very daunting task when you are juggling so many aspects of your daily office life all at once not to mention the plethora of legal issues waiting to catch out the unsuspecting agent.

keybutton.jpgKey-Data Gold Will Take The Strain

Imagine the nightmare of having to turn business away because you just can’t cope! Key-Data Gold is the answer.... Key-Data Gold will allow you to manage an unlimited number of properties for a small, highly cost-effective amount. As well as taking care of all your immediate task scheduling, rent collections, landlord and contractor payment, Key-Data Gold is a dedicated property management and accounts software solution that will enable you to manage both your client account and your business accounts with ease ensuring that your accountancy costs are kept to a minimum!


keybutton.jpgLow Cost, Unlimited Properties & Product Support

We believe that you are determined to make a success of your new business venture and that is why we offer substantial reductions on our already low monthly cost, giving your company a leg up during the crucial first year. During this time Key-Data Systems guarantee you full support from our UK based customer support staff, and free product upgrades too. In fact we guarantee that we will be there every step of the way to help you succeed.

keybutton.jpgIn addition to the best property management system on the market, you will also need property lettings and management training and legal support

The last few years has seen a large increase in the number of new businesses operating in the area of property lettings and management. This of course has meant that the new entrants to this increasingly popular business arena have to not only work more efficiently and pro-actively, (which is where Key-Data Gold comes in of course to give you this competitive edge!), but also posses, (from the start), a large body of knowledge both general and letting specific law.

As previously stated, whilst Key Data Gold will enable you to be more efficient during your daily business life, it is your knowledge and that of your staff that will make or break your business. Ask yourself do you really have the knowledge and expertise to effectively manage other people's properties and to offer the best possible service to your landlords and tenants? Do you know how to make the most of every possible opportunity to turn leads into lets?...After all, it’s very easy to be busy and yet not be using your time effectively, more importantly are you and your staff aware of the many and various letting laws that exist to 'catch out' the unsuspecting agent?

Key-Data Systems believe that even the best property letting and management product on the market (which is of course Key-Data Gold) will be little use to an agent with only a very small working knowledge of the business. This is why Key-Data Systems have forged close working relations with leading suppliers that will help you ensure that your business is a success from the start, and continues on to more success:




Letting Agency Training Support

Key-Data Systems highly recommend that start-up agents, (along with more seasoned agents too) enrol on a training course from the leading industry training providers 'Property Agency Training'

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Legal Services

Legal help is at hand
Key-Data Systems highly recommend a support package from our legal partners 'Training for Professionals'. To ensure that our clients have the very best legal advice and support, Key-Data Systems have formed an affiliate relationship with TFP. TFP offers a wide range of services to Landlords and Letting Agents to assist them in maximising the potential of their property investments and any tenancy relationship entered into. Their advisers are property experts, and they aim to achieve your peace of mind through the effective provision of legal services and practical advice.



Bringing all the areas of your business support under one roof! What are you waiting for? Contact Us now to really start living the dream.....





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'This system is an absolute revelation!... it is just incredible.... Having Key-Data Gold is like having two extra members of staff'.


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